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Thermal Imaging
Thermal Imaging is a painless, non-invasive, state-of-the-art thermal scan which involves no exposure to radiation, no compression, no direct contact with thebody and no harmful substances. Using an extremely sensitive infrared camera, a thermal scan shows patterns in skin temperature that are thermal ‘fingerprints’ indicating the presence of pain, injury, disease or other abnormalities.
Thermal Imaging detects a physiological or functional process rather than an anatomical process.  Anatomical focuses on organs and tissues by using other diagnostic methods such as mammography, where as physiological focuses on processes occurring in the body that are causing temperature differences which normally change before they become anatomical.
Thermal Imaging has been utilized since 400 B.C. without he technology we have today. Physicians would use mud on the body as their tool and where ever the mud dried first was then determined that area was diseased.  
Hippocrates quoted "should one part of the body be colder or hotter than the other part, disease is present in that area."