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Total Thermography

Our Baton Rouge office utilizes two thermography technologies, European Thermography and Digital Infared Thermal Imaging, for that 100% accuracy that will be achieved with our Total Thermography screening.  

Our Total Thermography screening for women includes both scans for the breasts as well as looking at all the other organs and systems of the body that ultimately affects breast health.  

European Thermography is simply the measurement of heat and provides a whole-body evaluation. These are evaluations that show functional changes happening in the body before those changes become labeled as disease processes, such as lymphatic tissue changes and toxicity, that are indicative of breast health concerns that may be related to cancer or other issues. 

It examines a wider range of tissues, organs and glands due its methodology, and the information is plotted on a graph in order to more accurately detect patterns. Unique benefits of Total Thermography are earlier detection, more comprehensive information and the opportunity to evaluate a wider range of organs, glands and tissues.

Once our first part of the screening is performed, we then use a digital infrared cameras (Thermal Imaging) and medical grade software, which convert infrared radiation emitted from the skin’s surface into electrical impulses in order to produce high-resolution diagnostic images of temperature and vascular changes. 

Thermal imaging detects the heat produced by increased blood vessel circulation and metabolic changes produced by tumor growth. These images are unique to each person and remain stable over time. The color visualizations provide a heat map of the body and show how asymmetrical increases or decreases in heat patterns could potentially indicate abnormal tissue areas.

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